Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training4 dagen geleden
It was not the best time to plan courses during this festive weekend ( different planning for 2024 😁).
But Frits & Edwin completed the Diesel + course, Haluk, Aleksands, Sander, Oleksandr completed the SRC course and Fenna and Floor the First Aid course. All wel done👍.
Next week no courses.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training2 weken geleden
Lovely weekend on the boat with Hylke and Leandro, 2 new PB certificate holders. Well done!
After the course a trip together to Pampus Island, through Orange Locks towards Amsterdam for some extra practical experience.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training3 weken geleden
Veel succes bij het examen voor KNRM Blaricum deelnemers (Michael, Daniel, Amy, Laurens, Lennart en Toine) die de KvB 1 cursus hebben afgerond, alsmede veel succes voor Esther en Dennis.

Meike, Jorgen, Pauline en Steve hebben afgelopen vrijdag RYA First Aid afgerond, 👍.

Marjolein, Alex, Wilco, Esna, Marco, Bjorn, Andrea en Thomas hebben de SRC cursus zaterdag succesvol afgerond🎉, was druk op kanaal 16 tijdens de cursus door de reddingsdag van KNRM Huizen.

Marianne, Franciscus, Martijn, Joon en Max ( en vele anderen) hebben vandaag Basis Certificaat Marifonie (BCM) succesvol afgerond. Dit is was de een na laatste BCM cursus met examen.

De allerlaatste cursus met aansluitend het examen is op 11 juni. Hierna kan alleen nog examen via het CBR worden gedaan.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training4 weken geleden
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training1 maand geleden
Not the best planning of courses around Kingsday but is was a lovely weekend with First Aid, SRC and a group of uncontrollable enthusiastic Diesel men. Next weekend no courses. Exiting day on Friday as the van needs it mandatory periodic check.

Also a lovely donation by Hans & Paul for the KNRM after they passed their SRC exams with great results (it is all in the preparation).
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training1 maand geleden
We are Looking for excellent RYA sailing instructors for the summer and post-season 2023. When you are a highly skilled instructor (Teaching, sailing, observer and coaching) and you love to inspire your students. You are patient, calm and very clear in your explanations. You are enthusiastic, energetic and love to work with people and guide the group dynamics.

Then You are the one we are looking for!
To make sure our students get the best out of our 6 days training weeks we only work with the best.

Please contact me for more information.