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Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
If anyone wonders why there are safety briefs at the start of the courses and boating trips, why we plan ahead as much as possible (failing to prepare means you are prepared for failure for the PB 2 students ), look at weather forecast, must behave as responsible schippers please read this MAIB report for a standup paddle boarding trip that ended horrible😢.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Here we go, last Friday Diesel + completed by Sam & Caroline, Mark Jan en your Taco, VHF SRC complete this Saturday by Sam & Caroline, Gerard, Jan Peter, Gilmara, Martijn, Jaclyn and Ilya, Sunday First Aid completed by Sam & Caroline (they need a rest this coming week) , Stefan, Niels, Sophie, woud and Robert Jan.

Let's hope I did not forget one. Congratulations to you all.
KvB 1 and 2 courses again on Monday and Thursday evening. Next weekend following courses my self.

Sta Safe!
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Future diesel + course students, please 🙏 do not take any tools home with you, do not put any tools in your pockets while working on the engine’s (for example nr 13🫣). It is expensive to keep no. 13 in stock😀.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
2023 is begonnen.

De eerste KvB 1 donderdag avond groep is enthousiast begonnen.

De eerste RYA First Aid cursus is vrijdag geweest en Olivier, Mieke, Kris, Robin en Theo hebben ondermeer hoofdwonden behandeld, nekken beschermd, spalk aangelegd, tourniquets aangelegd een leerzame oefening aan het einde gedaan en de de cursus succesvol afgerond. Tevens weer eens meegemaakt dat de beleefdheid van de Belgische deelnemers een klasse apart is, daar kan ik nog als Nederlander nog veel van leren. Het voorstel/advies om de RYA First Aid cursus in België de cursus te gaan geven neem ik overweging, nog nooit eerder over nagedacht.

Ook de eerste Short Range Certificate (marifoon) examen is succesvol afgelegd door Peter en de eerste succesvolle basis certificaat marifonie examen is geweest op een prachtige zondag.

Al met al heel gezellig begin van 2023 met alleen maar enthousiaste mensen 👍.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
For all PB 2 students. This happened in 2022 in Rotterdam (everyone survived) after a collision 1 taxi boat capsized and sunk. If you were wondering why you had to train/practise so hard for the MOB exercise during the course here is why. Keep practising the MOB manoeuvre and how to get someone safely in the boat so you have a better change to do well in real high stress situations (it is not that easy as you already know). Stay safe.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Happy Ney Year! 2023 has started. Time to look back and look forward, a long post to read.

• Where did Safe Haven Training students 2022 came from? It is amazing I must say, The Netherlands (as expected), Belgium, Germany (not expected but it is not that far) but also flying in from, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom (the home country of the RYA), but even from further away, Ukraine, Singapore (quit a lot actually), Canada, USA and Brazil. I find it amazing!
• What kind of students are coming? Private, powerboaters, sailors, people going for yachtmaster exams, submarine captains (quit a lot of superyacht seem to have an submarine on board nowadays), people participating in sailing races, ocean race rowers, people working on superyachts, non watersport companies for first aid, specific boat clubs for workshops, people working on superyachts, due to new regulations an increasing group of non Dutch speaking staff working on commercial inland barges who need a VHF SRC license (please book your course early to prevent disappointments), military personal, people working for a range of Dutch nautical related companies.
• Feedback received from you. Really great and amazing feedback, thank you so much. Thank you to many persons for helping to improve matters🙏. What has changed based on your feedback;
o Instead of 2 toolboxes for the Diesel +course there are now 5 (and still spanner 13 gets lost quit a lot, currently missing 2😢)
o Number of engines for the Diesel course increased to 5 (who knows, perhaps a 6th one will come if it fits in the room)
o Extra contact details on the website for a public transport search engine, hotel details via the contact page
o On the website a google review has been added, it is amazing and a little scary that so far only 5 star ratings were given. Thank you so much, that really helps👍👍👍!!
o Some lovely extra training items for the First Aid exercise where added, you will only find out if you participate in the RYA First Aid course…..

2023 plans
• The training schedule 2023 is for a large part already available on the internet. Discontinued are the DAN courses, focus is going to be on top of the water. Please book early to prevent disappointments.
• As per 1-7-2023 the BCM exams and theory Marcom B exams will be centralized at the Dutch CBR institute. Most likely I will stop providing the BCM course after July (or reduce the frequency) as exams can not be done any more directly after the course at Safe Haven Training.
• The Dutch Marcom B practical exams can not be done at the CBR, if Agentschap Telecom requirements are clear and affordable, in cooperation with VBO will try to become a Marcom B practical exam point. If that is possible a training Marcom B practical training course getting you ready for the practical Marcom B exam will be set up. We have to wait and see.
• Agentschap Telecom is changing (has changed) its name as per the first of January 2023 to Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur, have to change a lot powerpoint slides in the Basis Certificaat Marifonie course and possible links on the website
• Looking into possibilities for creating a Dutch boat 12 volt electronics course. Currently I am improving my electronics knowledge by following courses to become a qualified electrician. Aiming for a course hopefully coming available in Q4 in 2023
• All the fire extinguishers have checked
• 6 new lifejackets for the PB 2 courses have been purchased with a bit more Newton power (Besto Comfort pro Fit 220).

Interesting facts.
A recent poll under water sporters in The Netherlands gave some interesting facts. Of the persons who participated;
73% did no course/training at all.
4% of the participants followed a CWO course (A Dutch training system)
3% of the participants followed an RYA course (The British Royal Yachting Association training system)
As a recognized RYA Recognised Training Centre I am rather proud that the RYA training system is doing so well in the Netherlands. Below the link to the Dutch website page for the full information

Also, some facts came available regarding the Dutch Klein Vaarbewijs (KvB) 1 & 2. In the Netherlands in 2021 a bit more then 60% passed their exams (KvB 1 & 2 combined). That means almost 40% did fail their exams😢.
• For the students in 2022 who followed the KvB 1 and 2 at Safe Haven Training a 100% success score so far 😁(scary high percentage I must say), the combination of the course together with the online learning tool and students who do all the required homework and follow the system seems really successful.

The KNRM donation box was emptied by KNRM Huizen, I forgot the exact amount to be honest but it was 200+ euro's. So thank you to all who donated🙏🙏👍👍👍.

That is enough for now. A great thank you to all fantastic students of 2022. Stay (at a) Safe (Haven)👍