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Safe Haven Training
Riot at Orange locks.

Unique passage at the Orange Locks today for this weekends PB 2 course , potatoes flying everywhere, large amount of police working in riot gear, police control boats, riot police high speed landing parties from different police boats, smoke grenades.

Very interesting wait for the orange locks looking at a large riot training exercise with about 12 involved police crafts.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
🌊 Saving Lives At Sea 🌊 is back!

The BRAND NEW 10 part series starts next Thursday 25th August at 8pm on BBC Two - make sure to tune in for some amazing rescues by the RNLI crews around our shores.

#savinglivesatsea #proudofourcrowd #bbctwo #allnew
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
SRC students need to read this !

MEOSAR, it is coming and is partly already there. The first EPIRB (sometimes called online cat 3?) working also with MEOSAR satelites are in the shops!

Part of GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) satellites and already fully in place are:

LEOSAR = Low Earth Orbiting, circle the earth over the polses at an altitude of 850 kilometre
GEOSAR = Geo Stationary Orbiting, works between approximately 70 degrees North and South. The hold a fixed position relative to earth above the equator, 36.000 km high

MEOSAR = Medium Earth Orbiting,
It is not fully operational yet, however part is already working.
They will hold a fixed position relatively to earth at a hight of 19.000 to 24.000 kilometres, when completed 72 satellites will provide a world wide coverage (it is build up form 3 systems of 24, 1 system of the USA, 1 Russian and 1 European). First MEOSAR Satellites are working since 2011.

This system will make it possible that to new (sometimes called cat 3, but that is not a formal category) EPIRB (Emergency Position Indication Beacon) that also a signal will be send back (RLS = Return Link System via the Galileo satellite system) to the EPIRB so you know your distress alert has been received.

EPRIBs fully compatible with also MEO and RLS are on the market
For example Ocean Safety contains;

AIS (Automatic Identification System), which is an VHF signal, boats within range with an AIS receiver will receive your AIS distress alert as well
RLS , Return Link System
406 MHz distress alart
beacon 121, 5 MHz
Long battery life
Some brands have an app where you can see test and programming

CAT 1 EPIRB must be fixed to the outside of your boat and will automatically be activated when there is 4 meters of water pressure on the HRU (Hydrostatic Release Unit)
CAT 2 EPRIB must be manually activated and must be taken with you

Do your homework before you make any EPIRB purchase!
I expect that in future all EPIRBs are required also to have AIS, MEO and RLS or manufacturers will only make models containing all these systems.
If you are going to buy an EPIRB my advice is to already have one MEOSAR, RLS and AIS included.

Testing, only to be done in the first 5 minutes of a new hour!

This system is also used on land PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) and in the air ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter).

Interesting links with more detail
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
The Dutch Coastguard has changed phone numbers, change them (or safe them) in your phone.
+31(0)88 9584000
Radio Medical Service

Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Congrats to Miao, Patrick, Amber Oguz who all passed the SRC exams (all without any mistakes🥳🥳) and

Britt, Amber, Minus, Renate & Willem with their First Aid certificate and surviving the exercise.

Bon Voyage for Minus & Amber and have a safe ocean crossing.
Safe Haven Training
Safe Haven Training
Today a small group for VHF SRC course & exams. All passed with flying colours. Congrats to Fede, Edith & Johan. Johan made the mandatory voluntaire donation to the KNRM after 1 mistake which can not pass without concequences . Tomorrow the Dutch BCM exams where 8 persons will show their knowledge.