Safe Haven Training, is trying do do more good then harm and similar to the rest of the website to be open and honest about it.

supports KNRM Huizen Safe Haven Training supports KNRM Huizen by
Structual donor for 5 years 2024 to 2029 (Reder)
reductions in fees for courses for KNRM Huizen volunteers
donation box
buy the yearly support flag etc
supports Heartbeat Now stimulate all First Aid students to join Safe Haven Training is regsitered as a approved training institute for RYA first Aiders to join. The more volunteers the better!
promotes Safety in general and especially on the water Safe Haven Training follows, and in most cases superseeds, the Safety requirements of the RYA and safety equipment. The Dutch safety requirements are surpassed by the RYA standards and the standards of Safe Haven Training.
We train students to be prepared for actual situations wherever possible. Probably we train our students a bit harder then anywhere else.
Believes in as good as possible training and training facilities for a fair price. We strive to be better then other providers
Believes that students need to prepare for their training as good as possible and Safe Haven Training provides extra material, realistic exercises whenever possible
Believes that the RYA provides the best training, training material, support, standards compared to any other comparable institution in the world.
Year Actual CO2 Estimate Totall CO2 CO2 in trees equivalent compensation required based on estimate totall co2 trees actually planted Actual km car & boat Estimate km car & boat CO2 car and boat actual van estimate km van CO2 van electricity (100% green) Gas actual m3 Gas estimate m3 CO2 gas based on estimate
2024 all driven km from now on will be compensated, private & business 7,11 22,04 70 18.617 (16009 +2608 correction 2022) now taken all km driven private & business with correction/compensation for 2022 3,80 1000 1500 0
2023 Move to larger office double m2 5,67 21,00 63 16009 13.401 2,89 ? 2000 0,36 1450 0 962 2,01
2022 ? 3,66 16,03 40 ? 7.600 2,09 ? 0 0 1450 0
Total 173
SDG what how since where details
13/15 CO2 footprint calculate and over compensate 2022 Reduce and what ever CO2 footprint remains applicable (car, van, boat, gas planes, etc) calculate, double that number and a little more and compensate by buying trees. 50% in NL 50% else in the world
13/15 Gas calculate and over compensate 2022 No other option than current as provided as a service by the owner of the building, we calculate and over compensate
13 Electricity 100 % green 2019 100% green electric energy is being used, being produced in the NL
12 Electricity, lights led only 2019 led lights are used in the office and on the boat
13 Insulation extra insulation behind heating system 2023 Extra insultion is placed behind the heating system in classroom in 2023
water ? The use is apparently so little that the building owner does not want to send any information or invoice regarding the use of water by Safe Haven Training 2021 Water is used for coffee/tea, drinks, the dishwasher (uses 16 liter per intensive wash) on average once or twice a week, water is also used for deep cleans of the floor of the office
12 Transport products Car, Van, Boat, all are purchased as used/refurbished products, striving for TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) for these products. Calculate CO2 footprint and over compensate 2019 Car, van, boat all bought used and try to strive for TPM (Total Preventive Maintenace). We over compensate our CO2 footprint.
12 Furniture Refurbished as much as possible 2019 As much as possible bought refurbished or used, tables, chairs, vaults, whiteboards. Most items are bought at Albeka. Other items are homemade of already available materials (mostly wood). Items required but not available as refurbished than new items are bought bought. Estimate in 2023 is that more then 90% of the furniture in the office is refurbished.
12 Equipment refurbished /re-used VHF A class, SART, EPIRB, Navtex, diesel engines 2019 All bought second hand, the navtex and VHF A classe is bought second hand and refurbished (in fact that equipment when broken down on commercial boats was usually thrown into the sea outside the 12 miles zone to prevent charges for environmental responsible disposal), diesel engines in the classroom are bought as used products
12 Coffee/tea all DE 2019
12 Coffee Coffee filter use only 2019 Safe Haven Training is not a barrista service, no separate cups service, fresh filter coffee made and stored in thermos cans ( no pods per person/cup)
12 Cups, drinking glasses, cutlery washable mugs, drinking glasses, cutlery 2019 They are being washed after use and reused until they brake and are not servicable anymore. In that case new ones will be bought
12 Waste/garbage cans 2023 Separetly collected and reused
12 Waste/garbage food 2023 Separetly collected and reused
12 Waste/garbage carton 2021 Received carton from purchases is reused during courses, after end of life disposal via waste disposal system
12 Waste /garbage bages bio digradable bags for food scraps, other reused plastic bags 2023
12 Kitchen paper FSC resused EU Eco label 2023 every bit helps
12 Paper/printed EU ECO, FSC label, CO2 free produced 2019
12 Pencils BIC ecolutions 2023 62% resused plastic, when finished looking for more reused materials in pencils
12 Food, lunch, bread buy locally, support local companies, reduces transport 2019 Bought locally to support local business (transport as a result is only locally for supply)
7 Refrigurator, dish washer Fridge 2019 reused A++ at that time, Dish washer 2021 new sharp QWNA1DF45EWEU A class at that time (current clasifictation as system changed is unknown) 2019 Energy efficient models at that time and quiet so no disruption for students during classes and exams
3 Air Hospital qualiity air purifier in the class room 2021 During course the air purifier machine (of hospital quality) is active, it constantly cleans the air. Students will breath air as clean as possible.It scrubs covid particles as well.
Postal services via Post NL, which reduces Co2 and compensates any remaining CO 2 footprint 2019
12 Enveloppes Currently white SFC certified ones. The latest purchase in 2023 is of 95% reused materials and brown in color. 2023 Plastic and paper can be disposed separatly. SFC certified. Latest purchase in 2023 is made of 95% recycled material, SFC certified. It is already in use but continue the white ones as well (until there are non left)
14 SRC extra materials No more plastic covers and holders are used on the extra training materials 2023 In stead of using plastic as covers and binders, moved to paper (and digital) versions only
12 RYA course materials according to RYA policies 2019 RYA uses biodigradable packing materials for their First Aid and SRC books
? At the moment hoping as much as possible is in this list already, if something pops up it will be added 2023
4 Training Provide best possible training possible, regardless of gender, race and age (unles laws prevent certain courses for certain ages for example, Powerboat level 2 which legally requires a minimal age of 18 years, or 16 years for VHF exams). We do require students to prepare themselves (home study) for certain courses, if they do not they will not be accepted for courses regardless of age, gender and race. 2019