Hoe een impeller werkt is hier te zien. Vervang deze volgens het schema van de  OEM (Original Equipement Manufacturer) maar minimaal 1 x per jaar (wat het eerste komt).

RYA Diesel Engine (+)

This is how an impeller works. Replace it as to manufacturers specs and at t least ones a year (whichever comes first).

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Learn the principles of how a marine diesel engine works, learn to do your own basic maintenance,  do your own winterisation, and learn to trouble shoot basic mechanical failures.

Again more text below than other websites, but we like to be 100% open. What you read and see in the pictures is what you will be getting.


Costs 210 EURO including VAT,

  •  If your address is not in the NL the book will be handed over during the course (due to high postal charges!)
  • If you use a banktransfer as payment from a non dutch bank account payment must be completed  directly.  Any later date for payment completion and your booking will be rejected. Unfortunately some bad experiences in the past.


  • Incl. Lunch, coffee, tea (and of course cookies!),
  • Incl. RYA certification
  • Incl. RYA Diesel Engine Book (GBP 19,00) sent to you before the course
  • Incl. RYA Course booklet, sent to you before the course as long as your postall address is in the NL, for students with a postal address outside the NL the book will be handed over during the course
  • Incl. RYA DVD Diesel maintenance
  • Incl. students doing the Hyman experiment
  • Incl. parking, lovely view over the old harbour of Huizen, a blacksmith, the old chalk ovens and beautiful old botter sailing boats.
  • Incl. use of all tools, wide range of parts, 5 different diesel engines Yanmar & Bukh & Vetus & BMC & Volvo Penta)
  • Incl. use of a jacket & gloves (but please wear clothing which can stand a drop of oil or grease)
  • Starts at 9.00 ends between 17.00/18.00

We will cover more, you do more, we will have more materials than any other schools. And yes,  this + course also takes more time than the standard 6 hours RYA guidelines.

  • Payments from outside the NL via banktransfer via mollie payment take about 3 working days before we receive your enrolment details


Duration standard RYA course time is 6 hours, however we do more than the standard RYA syllable and that takes time….

9.00 to 17.00/18.00 (with the chance of running a little late, maximum end time 18.00) always at our office at the harbour in Huizen.

Maximum students, we can easily seat 16, maximum for the course is 12,  we will start with a maximum of 6 students

Language = English

Required knowledge = none.  We choose to send you the course material by mail in advance of the course and we would appreciate when you read the material before the course. This will make your participation in the  course more interesting.


We have 5 different brands diesel engines (Yanmar & Bukh & Vetus & BMC & Volvo Penta), 1, 2 & 4 cilinder engines. We are not commercially connected to 1 specific diesel manufacturer. The more choice you have the better it is. Also separate alternator, starting motor, gland, hose examples, water silencer (we have cut a used one open so you will see the actual effect), thermostats, injectors, pistons and a bunch of other materials to look, feel, smell and we (or better said you) open and (you) put together certain parts.


  • This course is aimed for anyone who wants to learn about Marine Diesel Engines. No previous knowledge required!
  • If you are going for your RYA Yachtmaster exams, you are expected to have Marine Diesel Engine knowledge. The Diesel engine course is not mandatory but advisable to do so. You gain enough knowledge to tackle these questions.
  • You must be willing to actively participate in the course (get your hands dirty), although your will get a boiler jacket for the course, please wear clothing which may get dirty😁!

Course content

  • Introduction ▪ Principles of the diesel engine
  • The four-stroke cycle ▪ Naturally aspirated engines, Turbocharging, Intercooling/aftercooling
  • The fuel system ▪ The basic system, the tank, fuel pump, injector pump, injectors, return flow, bleeding the system
  • The cooling system ▪ The basic system of cooling, direct/raw water, indirect fresh water, temperature control, the thermostat, the impeller pump
  • The air systems ▪ The airway in, the airway out, air filters
  • Engine electrical system ▪ the basic system, battery capacity, alternator, starting engine
  • Spares and tool requirements
  • Importance of winterisation and servicing
  • Engine lubrication ▪ transmission lubrication
  • Winterisation and servicing
  • Fault finding ▪  Black, grey, white smoke, not starting, not cooling/overheating

Our +

We (you) will be doing the Hyman experiment, actually test the working of a thermostat, change impellers and fuel filters. We do more than the standard items. We will open a starting motor and alternator. You  will open different Diesel engine to look at the cooling galleries (you will understand better if you really see the real thing), thermostat, heat exchanger, exhaust cooling etc.. This takes more time and you must expect to get your hands dirty, so please wear appropriate clothing which can get a little dirty. No one else in the NL has 5 different brands diesel engines available for their students during this RYA Diesel Engine course.


Do you need a hotel and/or public transport information, please look at the page contact.