Safe Haven Training also works in the field of company Emergency Response (BHV in Dutch). It is expected that a couple Emergency Response training set can be provided as per Q4 2020, based on the applicable DAN modules.



The impact of Corona / Covid 19 is enormous.  The Dutch government has not made changes for all fields of operation/business. However may companies are planning to restart they business . Companies have to make rigorous changes. How can I safely restart my company? Emergency Response (BHV) takes an essential role.


As a result of Corona / Covid 19 the First Aid  actions are/will change(d)dramatically. The resusitation regulations are changed extensively. Giving First Aid almost always requires coming closer than 1,5 meter. How can this responsible be done?


Also the Emergency Response Organisation can/will play an important role to check wether your company/staff is following the regulations.

Structured information is unavailable or very spread. Safe Haven Training has made a document which provided a summery and links to available information and provides checklist for implementation. It is under translation at the moment. If you are interested please send an email to



Safe Haven Training is also available for advice to companies, workers councels en company Emergency Response Organisations (BHV in Dutch) . Also inspection of your company Emergency Response organisation is possible.