Safe Haven Training works with several companies/clubs. There is a large variety of requests coming from all over the world. We provide training in RYA courses (Powerboat, Short Range Certificate online/classroom, RYA First Aid, RYA Diesel, RYA Cevni exams online) . Also a variety of DAN courses in English or Dutch and typical Dutch courses like Basis Certificaat Marifonie, Klein Vaarbewijs 1 and 2. In certain cases we provide bespoke First Aid training modules, safety training exercises etc..

In the Netherlands we work for example with Yachting clubs and companies like

  • We work with Watersportcentrum Huizen
  • We work together with KNRM Huizen and KNRM Blaricum
  • Also we assist Maersk Drilling Training Department Singapore for training oil drilling rig crew their SRC (Short Range Certificate).
  • We work with superyachts located in the Netherlands for certain crew training, mostly RYAcourses .
  • VIOK (organisation of instructors and schools for Dutch small boating licenses)
  • VBO


In the future the intention is to provide

  • Company Emergency Response (In Dutch BHV) including fire safety training
  • RYA Radar



The 7 meter boat (XS Rib, category B) can be chartered with skipper/captain as a safety boat. It fulfils the requirements as are applicable for events on or adjacent to water as stipulated in the ” Handbook Incident bestrijding op het water” by the Instituut for fysieke veiligheid.


Standard Boat equipment:

  • Extended First Aid kit
  • Category C First Aid kit
  • AED
  • Fire Extinguisher 2 x
  • 11  x TPA (Thermal Protective Aid)
  • VHF Marine Radio (marifoon) fixed and portable
  • 6 x 220 N Comfort Best Automatic Inflatable Lifejackets
  • Further equipment can be provided as required

Skipper qualifications

  • RYA Powerboat Instructor
  • RYA First Aid Instructor
  • RYA SRC Instructor
  • Stop the bleeding, safe a live Instructor
  • RYA Safety boat certified
  • STCW Basic Safety
  • STCW Medical First Aid
  • Vaarbewijs 2
  • EHBO oranje kruis
  • BHV and Hoofd BHV certified
  • Dutch/English/German speaking
In all cases we prefer longterm relationships based on trust and mutual respect. 
We give you our word to do something and expect the same from you.
We have a network of persons/companies we work with, medical doctors, Yachtmaster Sail Instructors, SRC assessors, DAN Instructor Network, VIOK network, Vaarbewijscurssusen etc..
We assist in certain cases in (power)boat up to 25 meters transfers/deliveries. We do no deliveries for sailing boats.
Privat lessons
We regularly get request for private lessons (PB 2, SRC, First Aid). It is not possible to get private lessons during coursedays where already bookings have been accepten. Send as an email for any request. To give you a feeling, costs incl VAT 125 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours depending on your wishes. Excluding materials, transport, fuel etc. Any tuition on our boat means you have to wear our lifejackets . Just send an email with your wishes and we will see if we can assist you.
We do NOT provide   (based on some past request we received)
  • any sailing courses at all (regardless how often people ask!), however we can refer you to people we trust if you want us to do so.
  • any jet ski training and do not intend to do so in the near future
  • training in the UK , in some very special cases we will look if something is possible outside the Netherlands as long as we can guarantee quality and is mutual beneficial.
  • PB 1 or 2 training outside our RYA approved training area (Huizen, the Netherlands)
So if you are interested in any of our courses/training please send an email to