You can still do the SRC online course at home and do the exams 1 on maximum of 2 candidates  at Huizen during the Covid lockdown!


RYA SRC Online home study course (RYA Short Range Certificate / VHF Marine Radio)

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The RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC) is the minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment on a UK flagged vessel and is also recognised by the Dutch Agentschap Telecom . This includes both fixed and handheld equipment with and without Digital Selective Calling (DSC), SART, EPIRB, AIS. It is obtained by successfully completing an SRC exam conducted at an RYA Recognised Training Centre.

The SRC course may be taken in a classroom or online through an RYA Recognised Training Centre. There is no age limit for taking the SRC course although exam candidates must be 16 years old on the day of the exam.

Keep in mind that the RYA needs processing time for your certificate of 3 weeks and the Agentschap Telecom for your Dutch Ship Station License of at least 2 months (regardless of which License to Operate you have!) Start your course as soon as possible is our advice.


Course subjects include:

  • routine operation of marine VHF radio including Digital Selective Calling
  • the correct VHF channels (frequencies) to be used for each type of communication
  • distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures
  • ship to shore communication
  • practical use of Marine VHF DSC radios
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)
  • Search and Rescue Transponders (SART)


You will need:

  • Internet connection (broadband or 3G). Charges may apply for 3G.
  • JavaScript enabled in your web browser.
  • Microphone and speakers/headphones.
  • Pop-ups enabled

Minimum requirements:

  • PC running Windows 10 minimum with the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Mac running 10.13 minimum with the latest version of Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox
  • iPad running iOS 11 minimum using Safari.
  • Android tablet running 4.1 minimum using Google Chrome.


We strongly recommend trying the SRC Taster Course before buying the full course to check that it will work on your device. If the taster works (disangage your pop up blockers first)  you can expect that the course will work. Otherwise you are welcome on the SRC day course ????.

Try the free RYA SRC  course taster here by clicking on this link 



The SRC certification is valid and accepted by the Dutch Authorities and can be issued to Dutch nationals as well. Registration for a Dutch Radio License can be done via the Agentschap Telecom.  There has been frauduleus actions by acquiring a Dutch ship radio licenses by foreigners who have no connection to the NL whatsoever . There was 1 commercial company who held 1.500 licenses. These have all been revoked ultimately 2019 by the Agentschap Telecom. Also this resulted in more checks for new requests by foreigners not living in the NL and applying for a Dutch Ship Radio License. If you do not live in the NL but request a Dutch Ship Radio License you have to provide sufficient evidence for a Dutch connection that gives legitimacy for issuing a Dutch Ship Radio License. The Agentschap Telecom decides if there is sufficient evidence before granting a Dutch Ship Radio License. exam


The exam (60 GBP) is a combination of a written theory test and practical assessment in the use of Marine VHF DSC radios. Candidates must be 16 years or older on the day of the exam.

You must pay the RYA directly online for your exam fee via this link. After payment you will receive via email your exam eligibility form to take with you to the actual exam.


SRC Online + course (all in English)

  • The Online course
  • The RYA SRC course book

The + =

  • 15 pages preparation instructions (to be read first)
  • > 130 practise questions on a online tool, can be done as many times you want
  • Training videos for the use of the ICOM you will use during an exam with Safe Haven Training, including Distress Mayday and Mayday relay.
  • 1 hour practise on the training VHF before the start of the exam (no instruction as by RYA regulations, instruction and assessment are strictly separated)
  • You are welcome on the free yearly return/open day to practise what ever  you want (where else can you practise to press the red Distress button and mayday call and message )



  • 195 euro including VAT
  • 60 GBP (approx 72 euro, GBP/EUR rate depending) for the exam costs and the actual SRC (when you pass the exam/assessment) directly to be paid to the RYA


Please enrol by: downloading the application form from the download page, complete and sign the form and send by mail to

You will receive the invoice (you can also make directly payment to proces the request quicker). After receipt of your payment you will be provided (within 24 hours ) the details to start the online course and other material.



After completing the online course you can make an appointment for your SRC exam. This can be done at an RYA RTC  with the recognition for SRC. You need to contact the RTC and inform us, so we can send the exam papers to the chosen RYA RTC. Safe Haven Training is authorised to take the SRC  assessment/exam. This can always be done at 17.00 on dates where an SRC day course is scheduled.  Also it is possible to do the  exam after any other course has finished. Location is always Ambachtsweg 59, 1271 AL Huizen. In any case you need to make an appointment to confirm your exam/assessment  at

Safe Haven Training expects any student to prepare themselves sufficiently (good) for the assessment/exam, all available videos must have been viewed.




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