KNRM Huizen Fundraiser Nautical Event 28 September 2024

KNRM Huizen and Safe Haven Training together are organising a Fundraising Nautical Event for the KNRM Huizen on 28 september 2024.

The  KNRM has a deficit , a very laaaaaaaarge deficit. Over 2023  this deficit was 2 mio euro as a result of sharp risen costs !  The KNRM does not receive any governmental subsidy, they survive on donations only. As a result of the deficit every KNRM station tries to get local financial support to cover their fixed costs.

The primary goal of this fundraiser is to help the  KNRM Huizen to get as much money (your donation) to help them cover their fixed costs. 


Safe Haven Training is a structural donor (called in Dutch ” Redder aan de wal” ) of our neighbours  KNRM Huizen and we hope that with your support to raise as much money as possible to support them.  KNRM Huizen consists of all well trained and enthusiastic volunteers, it has 2 SAR (Search and Rescue) boats and is one of the most busiest stations in the Netherlands.


Saturday 28 September 2024
  • Time;  to be decided probably start at 10.00.
  • Number of participants, depending on the number of enrolments. Hoping for 40 if more we will have to discuss with the KNRM Huizen.
The exact program has to be esthablished. Certain is ;
  • The KNRM Huizen and their volunteers will have available 2 fully crewed SAR boats for exercises on Gooimeer. We will be doing several exercises, for example MOB (Man Over Board).
  • A tour through the KNRM station Huizen and the 2 SAR boats .
  • A presentation by KNRM Huizen in their station.
  • The RIB of  Safe Haven Training will be acting as a boat with problems on the water.

What else are we thinking of (but not certain yet)  ?

  • Multiple exercises with the 2 SAR boats to show you and experience how the KNRM handles these cases. Think of;
    • MOB (Man Over Board) exercise ,
    • A tow of a boat with engine failure ,
    • Other (surprise) exercises on /with the SAR boats
  • Exercise (Sea Survival) for participants in the water wearing sea survival suits made available by the KNRM (for those who want to participate)
  • In all it must be more then a presentation and a standard boat ride
  • Showers are, if and when wanted, available at the KNRM station
What do we expect from you ?
  • Be on time.
  • You will be wearing comfortable clothing that may get dirty.
  • We are hoping on your active participation.
  • A minimal donation of  50 euro per person (or preferably more) You will take it in cash with you and make your donation at the KNRM station .
  • Every EURO received will be donated to KNRM Huizen, that’s what this is all about 👍.
  • If you enroll, even if you do not show up, you are committed to make a minimum donation of EUR 50 per person. (The goal is to raise as much money for KNRM Huizen).
  • Minors (minimum age 14) must always be accompanied  and supervised by a parent of age
  • You will follow all safety instructions of KNRM and/or Safe Haven Training.
  • It is mandatory to wear the  provided life jacket (by the KNRM) in the correct shown manor.
  • You must have a valid health insurance,  KNRM Huizen and/or  Safe Haven Training do not except any liability.
Enrolment via the page training kalender    , click on the 28 september and complete the online form.