Language = Dutch & English (the course will accommodate Dutch & English speakers)

Participants; maximum of 8, the  course will always continue regardless of the number of enrolments (You book and pay and the course will be provided)

No prior knowledge or experience required.

  • If you use a banktransfer as payment system payment must be done directly or we do not accept your enrolment (unfortunately some people were not as trustworthy as I hoped)

Costs 250 euro including

  • VAT
  • bread lunch, coffee, thea (and of course cookies!)
  • all uses of materials, cable’s, connectors etc
  • use of all tools (crimp, cut, and strip pliers, soldering equipment, multimeters, clamp meters etc)
  • use of all materials (dashboard and all extra testboards)
  • Excel file with useful links, info, formulas for cabe sizing, voltage drop and can be used to fill with details of your own boat electrical system
  • Digital certificate (which van be printed by yourself)


Location Huizen

Preperations required?  Yes you will receive some info to read beforehand so we can do as much as practical things during the course (about 2 hours)

Contents of course

  • Direct current, amps & volts, resistance
  • The great importance of well calculated fuses (and cables)
  • Batteries
  • risks and dangers at a 12 volt system
  • corrosion
  • short circuit, loose connections
  • fault finding by using the multimeter
  • good tools en how to use them correctly
  • multi/clamp meter use
  • what kind of cables/wires  and which diameter to use, consequences of bundling cables/wires
  • make the correct cabling, connections at the training set (and take it of again at the end)
    • calculating capacity
    • calculating cable wire thickness (mm2)
    • calculating fuses
    • calculating consequenties of bundling cables/wires
    • making correct cabling, connectors, crimps, heat shrinking etc
    • we will make cabling for testing (requires soldering( which you can take home with you
    • we (you) are going to install lights, aspect lights, horn, bilge pump with sensor, tricolore, waste water level sensor, fan with thermostat, USB connection, volt/amp sensor
    • we will work according to NEN-EN-ISO 13297 small craft (pleasure) norms.
    • working safely on electrical 12 volt systems

We will see what fits in the available course time, however expect short breaks, short lunch break . Focus is on you doing as much practical things as possible in the available time.

Clothing, easy comfortable clothing that may get dirty

If you require reading glasses, bring them with you!!