Safe Haven Training

Hi All,

Safe Haven Training is Corona proof safely starting courses as per 1st June !


The location in Huizen is Corona proof

  • Extra tables, reduced number of students
    • Short Range Certificate 8 students
    • First Aid 8 students
    • Stop the bleeding 4
  • Disinfected study places 1,5 meter apart
  • Between all study places Corona screens have been placed
  • A Swiss ¬†IQ air purifier with amongst others an HyperHEPA 12/13 filter of hospital quality which can even remove corona aerosols if present (in fact the air in the classroom is now cleaner then the air outsideūüėä)
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) for each student is available (nose mouth masks, gloves, safety glasses, disinfectant)
  • Each students has personal equipment for the course (for example VHF training , personal CPR mannequin, First Aid bandages etc)
  • Covid 19 protocol is applicable, you must be flu/fever free, your temperature will be measured (And must be below 38 degrees Celsius) before you may enter the classroom, sneeze/cough in your elbow, wash your hands, no handshaking, use PPE when instructed.
  • Pictures of the classroom are available on facebook


Also the powerboat courses 1 and 2 have started  again. You can enrol now!

You can now enrol for the courses and are very welcome!



Safe Haven Training is a DAN Europe Business Partner (Divers Alert Network). Just before the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Netherlands teaching status for the following DAN courses were obtained:

  • DAN BLS D (Basic Life Support AED)
  • DAN Oxygen First Aid
  • DAN Advanced Oxygen First Aid
  • DAN Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies
  • and per mid June 2020 now also DAN First Aid en DAN Neurological Assessment can be followed


In the oxygen courses (in Dutch or English) you will learn how to give first aid with the use of medical oxygen, but also how to provide complete CPR with the use of an AMBU balloon. Current regulations have affected First Aid CPR that only the use of an AED is advised to adults. Rescue breath are not advised anymore as a Pocket mask/face shield do not provide sufficient protection. In the oxygen courses you learn (amongst others) the safe use of an AMBU Balloon, this makes providing air or Medical Oxygen safely possible. DAN Oxygen courses are open to everyone if you have a BLSD (Basic Life Support AED) certification (like DAN BLSD, RYA First Aid, Red Cross, Orange Cross etc.) In this new reality a very useful new skill to learn. Costs EUR 105,– per DAN course. If you want to follow several please send an email for a tailored offering.


In future Safe Haven Training will also be providing

  • DAN Fire Safety Officer

This will open up the possibility to provide also complete Emergency Response (BHV = Bedrijfs Hulp Verlening in Dutch) package (in Dutch or English) to companies (probably in Q 4 2020).


You can now get any equipment via Safe Haven Training out of the DAN shop.


All student whose courses were affected (Powerboat, First Aid, SRC, Stop the Bleeding) .

All those students effected are given the possibility to follow the Oxygen First and Advanced Oxygen first Aid for 50% of the normal costs, just EUR 105,00 (for 2 courses in total 8 hours of training).



Be aware, to all past First Aid students

CPR regulations are changing due to Corona. The Dutch Resuscitation Council advises not to provide Rescue breaths (wear protective Nytril cloves, do chest compressions and use the AED, afterwards disinfect your hands in the ambulance, they will assist you!).

Pocket mask / Face Shields do not provide sufficient protection, always use the blue Nytril gloves.


Be (at a) Safe (Haven)!



Safe Haven Training provides Powerboat, VHF Marine Radio, First Aid, Stop the bleeding Safe a Life courses and DAN (Oxygen) First Aid courses. It is a RYA Recognised Training Centre and complies with the RYA requirements. It also is a DAN Business partner.

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is the British national body for watersports training and strives for a high professional standard in the RYA courses. Safe Haven Training undergoes yearly inspections by an RYA inspector which safeguards that material, procedures and courses complies with the high RYA standards.


Powerboat courses; for the courses a 7 meter XS RIB with a 200 HP Mercury outboard engine is used. The boat is category B build (up to force 8 with 4 meter high waves) and is equipped with an wide range of safety equipment that supersedes the RYA requirements.


For the VHF Martine radio courses ICOM training radios are used. In 1 day you can pass the assessment and can gain certification which is also recognized by the Dutch authorities.


At this moment we provide the following  first aid courses.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The RYA First Aid course which provides a 3 year valid certification which complies tot he requirements of various sailing matches.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Also, you can follow the Stop the bleeding, Safe a Live course. In 3 hours you will learn how to treat heavy bleedings and the responsible use of a tourniquet.

Р       DAN First Aid courses with the use of oxygen, BLS D (Basic Life Support AED)


Safe Haven Training uses professional equipment for all courses provided. Safe Haven Training strives for the best possible equipment, not to comply with just the minimum required. Safety & Quality are first, no concessions are made and these matters.


The boat can be chartered with a qualifies skipper as for example a safety boat. By this you can comply for your water or adjacent to water events to the Dutch requirements as stipulated in the regulations by the IFV.